Beecroft Weapons Range, more specifically the Beecroft Peninsula Public Area, has been closed since Friday 27th March 2020 in line COVID-19 restrictions.  While the Beecroft Peninsula Public Area remains closed at present, we are developing a Re-opening Strategy and an action plan to manage the resumption of public access in the most expeditious, responsible and risk controlled manner possible in the COVID-19 environment.

Rest assured that we are working to ensure the when the Beecroft Peninsula Public Area reopens, it will be done in the best interests of public safety as well as that of the range staff.

For latest information view the ‘Beecroft Weapons Range & Peninsula’ Facebook page

We will provide further information soon re-opening and associated restrictions.

Until then ACCESS to Beecroft Peninsula is NOT PERMITTED.  

NO LANDING is permitted (of persons or boats) during the closure.



Range closure for live firing is denoted by FLAG BRAVO (RED FLAG) being flown
across the range and sign boards along Currarong Road and at beaches.


Illumination, incendiary flares or smoke WILL NOT be used for this period.

 New gunnery safety rules, permit vessels to continue to use and navigate the waters of Jervis Bay during Live Firings.

Defence contract safety vessels will positioned to ensure the NO LANDING (of persons or boats).

Range staff patrol shoreline access points for trespassers, except during live firings.

During live firings, Defence contract safety vessels are positioned in the northern and southern approaches to Beecroft Peninsula
to ensure the NO LANDING (of persons or boats) during these additionally hazardous activities.




If you have any enquiries on closing/opening times please call Range Staff on
(02) 4448 3771
or (02) 4448 3410.


BWR Range Control

Cnr Currarong & Lighthouse Roads


Tel: (02) 4448 3771