Hi everyone,
We are all aware that we are facing a very challenging time with the worldwide spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Whilst Currarong may have some advantages of being a small community we don’t believe anywhere is safe from this virus which can have a devastating effect, causing illness and unfortunately for some it is fatal.
We have made the decision to postpone the Currarong Easter Art Show because we cannot guarantee a safe event and all the expert advice is to limit these gatherings. We will reschedule it when it is safe to do so and when it best suits the community.
Coming after the summer bushfires this is another blow to people and communities that want to attract visitors and help our local businesses, but safety must always be our number one priority.
The one thing we need to go ahead with is the Easter Art Show raffle, recognising all the people who in good faith have to date bought tickets. This will be drawn on Easter Sunday and again we thank all those who have donated some really great prizes.
We will also inform members on whether our next General Meeting on Saturday 18 April will go ahead.
Don’t forget to renew your membership before 30 June. As always we believe it’s very important for Currarong that your Association has a good number of engaged members. This keeps us informed of the issues that are important to you and helps us lobby Council and Government for improvements to our community. You can do this on-line through our website.
Finally, please stay safe and take all the necessary precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Also please look out for your neighbours and friends that might have trouble getting to shops and getting essential supplies. Let’s all hope we can get through this and look forward to better times. Currarong remains a beautiful place to live.

Warm regards,
Tony Lund