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10 October 2016

Further Community Engagement- Recycling and Waste Transfer Facilities


At the Shoalhaven City Council Ordinary Meeting held on 10 October 2016, it was decided that Council will undertake further community engagement on a proposal to potentially change the operating hours of some of Council’s smaller waste and recycling facilities. It has not been proposed that any recycling and waste transfer stations be closed.

It is proposed that Shoalhaven’s largest facilities located at West Nowra, Huskisson and Ulladulla will continue to operate seven days per week, with some suggested changes (subject to further community engagement) of the operating hours of the seven smaller transfer stations.

Council undertook an extensive initial community engagement process to seek communities views via a survey of residents on the services (pricing, service and operations) provided at waste transfer stations.

This consultation sought to find out the opinions and views of the key stakeholders and the community who rely on and may be impacted by changes to service, pricing and operations. It also provided an opportunity for key users to present their views and concerns.


The aim of the survey was to also provide alternative suggestions to Council for consideration; and provide a clear explanation of the parameters and constraints and the rationale for any changes to the service


Mayor Findley said, “We deserve to give the community some response to the feedback they gave us.”

“We are not proposing to close any of our transfer stations, rather change some operating hours of some of the smaller transfer station locations.”


“The community consultation that has already been conducted has been extensive over 5,496 Survey responses were received. Council is listening to the feedback provided and seeking further comment on some proposed changes that have resulted from the surveys received.”


“It is essential that we understand how people use the transfer stations, there is no point in being open when no one is there using the service.”


“It certainly is important to provide a service to the community but ensure that the service does not have losses that could be mitigated as those funds could be better used to provide education to the community to assist them in reducing the rubbish in the first place.“ 


“It is about ensuring that our services move forward, finding better way to provide services to the community and finding ways to reduce our landfill such as encouraging recycling”   


“Let’s be very clear – Council is not proposing that the tips be closed, hours will be modified according to public use,” Mayor Findley reiterated.


“Council will now be undertaking further community engagement including community meetings, stakeholder engagement, analysis of feedback and a further report to Council.”


Council also emphasised the need to educate the source of the generation of waste and educate the community on ways to more effectively reuse, recycle and reduce.

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