New cycling laws over holiday period

Media Release

7 April 2016
Council reminding road users of new cycling laws in lead up to school holidays

Shoalhaven City Council is encouraging local residents and visitors to be especially vigilant on the roads over the upcoming school holiday period, and to be mindful of the new cycling laws that came into effect last month.

Mayor Joanna Gash said the April school holidays can be a busy time in the Shoalhaven, with many residents and visitors taking the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break in the region.

“It is imperative that all motorists, riders and pedestrians keep road safety at the forefront of their minds over the busy school holidays,” said Clr Gash.

“Local residents and visitors also need to ensure that they are abiding by the new cycling laws that came into effect on 1 March 2016,” said Mayor Gash.

“When passing a cyclist, the new law requires motorist to allow a distance of at least one metre when the speed limit is 60km/h or less, and one and a half metres when the speed limit is more than 60km/h.”

“If you cannot pass a cyclist safely, please slow down and wait until it is safe to pass.”

Mayor Gash said that drivers caught not allowing the minimum distance when passing a bicycle rider face a $319 fine and the loss of two demerit points.

The new laws also include increased penalties for bicycle riders to deter them from dangerous behaviour such as running a red light.

The requirement for bicycle riders to produce photo identification when stopped by police who suspect they have committed an offence will start in 2017.

Mayor Gash explained that the focus over that next 12 months is on educating all road users as well as getting cyclists to start carrying identification, primarily to ensure family members can be notified if there is a crash and to help emergency services provide the best medical support they can.

CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash - 0427 160 170

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