Seniors week 2016 activity

7th April 2016
Council invites community to chalk their thoughts on ageing

As part of this week’s Seniors Week celebrations, Shoalhaven City Council has installed a large ‘As I Age’ chalkboard at the entrance of the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, for local residents to share their thoughts on getting older.
Mayor Joanna Gash said the installation, a joint project between Council and Feros Care, is intended to ignite conversation among local Shoalhaven residents about ageing.
“I would like to thank Feros Care for providing the chalkboard and for joining forces with Council in an effort to challenge the perceptions and stereotypes around ageing,” said Clr Gash.
“I encourage all local residents to visit the chalkboard at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre and get involved in this extremely important conversation.”
“I’m excited about what our locals have to say, and what comments they are adding to the board.”
“Older people often don’t feel like they can voice their concerns about ageing, and the As I Age wall gives them permission.”
“I would like people to use the board to help break down attitudes to ageing and to prove that life doesn’t stop at 70.”
“But it’s not just seniors we want to hear from. We want to hear from everyone – whether you’re 5 or 95 years old!”
Mayor Gash said the As I Age chalkboard follows in the highly successful footsteps of Feros Care’s As I Age roadshow that took place last year, whereby a 10 metre long wall appear at various writers’ festivals throughout Australia.
The chalkboard will remain at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre until the 15th April 2016. CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash - 0427 160 170

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