Council Meets with Community Groups to discuss Merger proposals

Please Note that the Currarong Progress Association Inc is the local Consultative group for Currarong residents and ratepayers.  



22 January 2016

Council meets with Community Consultative Groups to discuss Council merger proposal

Council met with executive members of the Community Consultative Bodies yesterday afternoon to provide information about the proposed merger of Kiama Municipal Council and Shoalhaven City Council.


Mayor Jo Gash said the purpose of the meeting was to provide the Community Consultative Bodies (CCBs) with information in regard to the merger process, public inquiry and submission opportunities and for the CCBs to communicate the collective views of the community back to Council.


“It was a chance for the CCBs to learn more about the merger proposal and ask councillors and Council staff questions,” said Clr Gash.


“The discussion was very balanced and reasoned and provided an important step in understanding the community opinions.”


“The CCB members in the room had mixed feelings about the proposal, some indicated they were against the merger and some said they were still considering the facts and some were focusing on the long term benefits.”


“We encouraged the CCBs to provide the information we have given them to our community via their networks, meetings and websites.”


“The CCBs are an integral part of the way Council engages with our community and are very important in enabling Council to get the message out about the merger proposal.”


“As I have said all along, there is still information we are yet to receive from the State Government.”


“This is clearly seen from the new merger proposal that was loaded onto the Council Boundary Review website by the State Government yesterday.”


Mayor Gash said the new proposal document provides amendments to a number of errors that had previously been identified.


An Extra Ordinary Meeting to further discuss the Merger Proposal will be held on Monday 25 January from 4pm.

CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash - 0427 160 170


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