Minutes of November 2015 Meeting – Edited




                                            EST 1947

        Community Consultative Body to Shoalhaven City Council


        MINUTES of GENERAL MEETING held 11th NOV 2015


The meeting commenced at 7.30pm with an attendance of 14 members/residents and 5 apologies. Clr Greg Watson

attended for Shoalhaven City Council.   


Minutes of previous Meeting.

The Minutes of the meeting held 14th Oct 2015 were moved by the Secretary seconded by Mark and accepted.


Business arising from the Minutes

1.  Update on our Currarong Calendar 2016 project sales was presented

2.  Ex Currarong Meals on Wheels – community funds donation to Progress Assoc

3.  Recycling bins station Walton Way – Progress Assoc letter sent to Council

4.  Pedestrian access corner Fishery Rd and Currarong Rd –

Progress Assoc letter sent to Council.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer presented the report for period ending

Oct 2015. 

Balance of General Accout $5455.40.  Income for period from;

membership fees $5; Hall hires $30; Gst refund $450; calendar donation $50; calendar sales $2011.30.  Expenditure of $1295 to Council for Progress Assoc donation to basketball courts upgrade in Elliott Reserve for new bollards (now installed).

Other accounts remain extant.  An outstanding hall hire account was noted by the Meeting.

The report was moved by the Treasurer, seconded by David  and accepted


Corrrespondence In and Out

1.  Progress letter dated 20th Oct – recycling bins item

2.  Council letter dated 3rd Nov – response to above.  Screening will be investigated by Council in 2016

3.  Progress letter dated 19th Oct – pedestrian access corner Fishery/Currarong Rds.  Nil Council reply to date.

4.  Soil Conservation Service email dated 28th Oct- proposed works on Beecroft Headlands tracks

5.  Council letter dated 29th Oct – Council acknowledging donation by Progress Association as noted in Treasurers report

6.  Council letter dated 23rd Oct – seeking community comments on Currarong Dunecare/Bushcare plan.

7.  Council letter dated 29th Oct – changes to land zoning (nil effect to lands in Currarong)

8.  Council email 16th Oct – one way road changes.

9.  From Council Business papers ; changes to short term holiday lettings across the Shoalhaven area;

Councils response to NSW Govt white paper on Crown lands management; Council investment report for

period  ending Sept 2015.  Correspondence was moved by the Secretary, seconded by Chris and accepted.


General Business

1.  Currarong Calendar subcommittee report by Jos .  Sales of 63 calendars since previous Meeting making total sales to date of 429 out of the 516 originally received. Profit from sales to date of $4051.

Recommendations made and accepted;

a. that a further order of 200 calendars be made prior to xmas holiday period

b. a  press item about this local project be sought through the South Coast Register.

2.  Currarong social bingo 2016 - holiday season fund raising event in Progress Hall.

 Names of volunteers can be sent to sec@currrong.org.au for following dates –

 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 21st and 23rd Jan.

 Require 3 persons per night from 7.30pm  to around 9pm. (1 x caller and 2 ticket sellers).

3.  Currarong community Xmas BBQ and Band night – Sunday 20th Dec Dolphin Reserve from 6pm. Santa will arrive around 7.15pm. Meeting agreed to the increased cost of the band for this years’ event.

4.  Location/installation of water bottle refill station/water bubbler in Dolphin Reserve by Shoalhaven Water Group

(part of Council). A majority of attending persons (10) agreed to a location near to the shower in Dolphin Reserve for this item, as per previously emailed photos.  

5.  A resident raised an issue regarding the infestation of pittosporum plant in a village location.  Suggestion was made to contact Council bushcare co-ordinator for his attention of this item.

6. A resident raised an issue regarding the infestation of a small insect pest in a village location. Suggestion made to contact Shelley Hancock MP for guidance on which government department could assist with this item.

7.  Resident John Dale presented a letter from Duncan Gay MLC regarding the NSW Boating Now funding program.

8.  Replacement of signage poles corner of Worrigee and Currarong Rds.  Item will be referred to local resident for action.


Close of Meeting

There being now further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm

Attending members/residents and Clr Watson were thanked for their input to the discussion of the above items.


***NEW members, residents and ratepayers always welcome**


     The Next Meeting of the Association will be held on Wed Dec 9th 

     From 7.30pm. Agenda items can be sent to the Secretary by Friday 4th




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