Agenda for General Meeting 14th Oct 2015



                                            EST 1947

        Community Consultative Body to Shoalhaven City Council



            Agenda for General Meeting to be held Wednesday 14th Oct 2015

                               From 7.30pm in the Progress Hall


1.  Minutes from General Meeting held 12th Sept 2015


2.  Business arising from the Minutes


3.  Apologies


4.  Treasurer’s Report


5.  Correspondence In and Out


6.  Business arising from the Correspondence


7.  General Business

7.1  Presentation by National Parks and Wildlife Service Shore Bird Protection Officer

7.2 Currarong Calendar 2016 project  - sub committee progress sale report.

7.3 Discuss Easter 2016 Art Show event – preliminary work


8.  Close of Meeting


          **Residents and ratepayers are very welcome to attend and participate in community

            meetings.  New Members always welcome.


          ** Agenda item to Secretary by 8th Oct 2015.             



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