Progress Assoc final SLEP submission


                                 EST 1947

Community Consultative Body to Shoalhaven City Council



8th May 2013                                                                                                 


The General Manager

Shoalhaven City Council

Ward 2 Councillors


Shelley Hancock MP

Member for South Coast


                   SLEP2013 Re-Exhibition - Submission


Dear Councillors, Staff and Mrs Hancock MP,

The Progress Association has been asked by the Currarong community to forward a submission on the above topic in view of the re-exhibited change in the SLEP2013 made to the Council’s recommendation of 15th May 2012.  This concerns the R2 zoning for Crown Lands, identified as mapping area 4, Crown Lands Assessment Currrarong 1999.  The recommended zoning by Council was E2.


As has been advised in our previous submission to Council dated 14th Oct 2011, we have consulted with our community over a number of years on the SLEP zoning issues.  At a public meeting held in Kinghorn Rd on the 27th April 2013 to discuss the above change in particular, there were over 75 persons in attendance.  Our local Member, Shelley Hancock MP also attended. A public meeting in August 2011 was attended by over 60 persons.  These meetings reinforce a very strong opposition by the local community to the R2 zoning proposed by DP&I on the area 4 lands.  It is our understanding that this community view is firmly supported by Mrs Hancock..


Our 2011 submission addressed the community’s position for the E2 zoning of Crown lands in mapping areas 3 and 4 referenced above. Some of the points submitted then have been re-visited in new submissions.  We submit that the E2 zoning for area 4 land is equally relevant as the lands;

.  provide a highly valued and important habitat corridor

. act as a green screening buffer zone along Currarong Rd into the village adding to the aesthetic values of the village

.  provide a strategic bush fire protection zone (RFS mapping) - maintained by nearby residents and Dept of Primary Industries as such..

. have class three acid sulphate soils

. parts of, are in low and tidal flood zones. Currarong Creek to the south is a habitat zone.  Blacks Creek to the east is in a sanctuary zone. 

.  are within the Jervis Bay regional planning strategy and coastal zone.   


The E2 zoning of area 4 lands will “protect, manage, and restore these areas and prevent development which would other wise destroy, damage or have an adverse effect on these values”. (Objectives of the E2 zone SLEP2013 page 24).       


The “suggestion” by Crown Lands (1999) of a need for “additional residential land” in Currarong has drawn comment from the community.  It is noted that;

 . garage, post office and butcher shop are no longer

.  resident population – 516 in 2006 census and 456 in 2011 census

.  unoccupied housing is 65.9% - 2011 census

 . 1976 census the percentage of holiday homes in Currarong was 60%.

. there are approximately 23 houses for sale in Currarong at this time

.  extra residences would put pressure on existing infrastructure particularly in the holiday seasons.

.  some re-development of the existing housing stock (approx 540 houses) has been, and is seen as, the most viable option for Currarong’s resident and tourist population needs well into the future. 


The objectives of the R2 zone in the SLEP with respect to the area 4 lands, we submit, do not correspond with the environment or the need for housing or other facilities and services now or into future years. As such we see no requirement for Crown Lands in area 4 of the village to be zoned R2 to “accommodate residential expansion” (Crown Lands report 1999) of the Currarong village.


The visual and environmental values of the re-exhibited R2 lands are a high priority for our residents and tourists. These values can be continued by the protection of these lands with an E2 zoning.  We submit that the re-exhibited SLEP2013 should be done so with an E2 zoning, with the appropriate lot size mapping, applied to the area 4 Crown Land. 


Yours faithfully


Peter Cumes


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