Submissions on the Draft LEP

Draft Shoalhaven Local Environment Plan 2009 exhibition concludes


The Draft Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2009 extensive 13 week exhibition period came to an end Friday 14 October.


With approximately 3000 separate submissions received, Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Paul Green said he was overwhelmed with the response to the community engagement process.


Council staff convened 13 village stalls, eight community ‘drop in’ sessions, an industry breakfast and attended a range of Community Consultative Body and public meetings to which they were invited.


“I’m extremely pleased that so many local landowners and community members took the time to view the draft document and make a submission,” said Clr Green.


“With the LEP having such long term ramifications for the City it was important for all residents to have their opinions heard and be part of the decision making process.


“Council staff have done a tremendous job of taking the LEP ‘on the road’.”


“The draft document has been the subject of community drop in sessions, CCB meetings, public meetings and village stalls, while the dedicated website and telephone hotline were extremely busy right throughout the exhibition period, especially in the last week.”


“It is extremely pleasing that such a keen community interest has been taken in this major strategic planning project.”


Council staff are currently reviewing submissions made in relation to the Draft LEP 2009 and will report back to Council in the coming months.


CONTACT:   Shoalhaven City Mayor Councillor Paul Green            (02) 4429 3251

                                                                                                            0423 881 873          

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